2023 Zero Waste Initiative

April 19th 2023
To celebrate Earth Week we are excited to announce that we are now 100% Reuse / Recycle / Refill on all our products!
Over the last 5 years we have proudly used only glass bottles and minimal plastic where necessary.  But this year we are excited to take the next step to become a zero waste skincare company.
While all our bottles are recyclable (thank you to those that return them) the plastic pump tops cannot be recycled and therefore unfortunately end up in landfill.
To resolve this we have sourced the most beautiful, elegant, and strong pump top and because of her beauty, elegance and strength we have dubbed her -
 'The Keeper' 
This means there is no need to throw out pump tops.  You can reuse the glass 1oz bottle and keeper top too. The new keeper pump has a strong gold metal cover which not only has a sleek design but also keeps out any moisture, protecting your precious product inside.
We are also introducing a new 2 oz Refill bottle with a recyclable aluminum lid. So, with your help, we can now keep around 10 plastic pump tops per customers out of landfill over the next 3 years, which is literally thousands and thousands!
Its super simple:-
You - reuse & refill
We - recycle
We have now launched the new recycle / reuse bottle with the Essential Cleansers and will be phasing in the initiative to all our products.  
By mid 2023 with your help we plan that our packaging be 100% Zero Waste, so
Thank you.
Check out the new Cleanser Collection  and the subscribe and save options.

Should you wish to clean the dropper applicator you may wish to:

  • Remove excess product with a DRY soft cloth then spray with Isopropyl alcohol.  Allow the alcohol to evaporate.
  • Gently remove the glass dropper by moving it from side to side. Remove excess product with a cloth.  Rinse the whole top with warm water, run water through the glass dropper and use a straw brush to clean the inside.  Spray with isopropyl alcohol.  Leave to DRY COMPLETELY for at least 24 hours.
If you live on Oahu or plan to visit you can also take your keeper bottle over to Protea Zero Waste to refill as they are currently stocking most of our Essential Cleansers for refill.
Find them at:-
35 Kainehe St
HI 96734