Our Story

In 2018 Melanie, our founder & CEO developed an allergy to sulphates which resulted in a condition called perioral dermatitis, causing itchy, inflamed & flaky skin around the mouth & chin.  As sulphates are in so many skincare products she began a search for an all natural alternative.  This proved extremely difficult due to the hidden ingredients in so many products (see our blog on incidental ingredients).


After an extensive and disappointing search Melanie started her research into the chemical ingredients in skincare, why they were included, what their purpose was etc.  She then looked to nature and started to search alternative and natural ingredients available here in Hawaii that could replace the synthetic ingredients.  


After formulating a simple, natural cleanser & moisturizer her skin started to clear and heal.  To share her creation she took the products to the local farmers markets where she met and started her collaborations with some of Oahu's best farmers.


Four years on, Melanie & her team work with farmers across Hawaii & along with their volunteer customers, plant seeds, grow & harvest the crops that then become Oahu Organics skincare products.  Many of the farmers she collaborates with are female, one woman operations, farming over 2 acres.


Some of our products ingredients grown locally include - Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers, a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's).  Moringa, the most nutrient rich plant on earth.  Hawaiian Turmeric (Olena), a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties & Butterfly Pea flowers, rich in flavonoids & polyphenols which help support collagen structure.


The Oahu Organics line has now grown to over 40 products with shipping worldwide.  But, we still attend the local farmers markets each weekend to meet our local customers & farmers.