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Welcome to Oahu Organics.....

Based on the beautiful island of Oahu our aim is to bring you the most natural, organic and sustainable ingredients from our island and our planet
We take a Farm to Face approach to Skincare
All packaging is recyclable, reusable & biodegradable


For so long I’ve been searching for products like this!. I am absolutely loving how much the products have helped my skin just in the first week. So glad to have found you all.


Loving the new stuff!! A little really does go a long way!! My skin looks amazing .. Thank you 


I have the moisturizer, I love it!! My face has been so soft & smooth since I started using it.


Ive been using the Moringa peppermint oil & been loving it! Thank you again, peppermint in the morning is so uplifting


If you like natural products then you have to try these.  This is the best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried! I bought some from the owner when we were in Hawaii and I just reordered more!