Frequency - Morning and Night (First stage, before Hydrating)

The first stage of a skincare routine is to Cleanse.  A cleansing product is formulated to clean your skin, removing dirt and makeup as well as excess oil and dead skin cells.  This can be achieved with oils, butters or foaming ingredients.
We now have many options for you to choose from:

Our foaming Essential Cleanser, a carefully chosen blend of plant based ingredients will gently but effectively cleanse while hydrating and moisturizing, leaving the skin feeling soft, clean and smooth.

The Ultimate Oils provide a deep oil cleanse - After removing eye makeup massage to face & neck. Wet a face cloth with warm water & wring out. Place the cloth over your face until it cools. Rinse with cold water & pat dry or double cleanse with Oahu Organics natural foaming cleanser. (Always apply with clean hands).

Light, smooth & silky.  Our new Rose Cleansing Mousse, with its moisturizing & detoxing properties will melt away makeup, unclog and minimize pores leaving your skin smooth & refreshed.

The new Cucumber & Aloe Eye Balm is a delicious blend of Hawaiian Cucumbers, Aloe, Roses & Chamomile and will help soothe and brighten your delicate eye area. For Eye makeup remover - Apply a pea size amount to the eye area, remove with a dry soft cloth.

HYDRATE is next

6 products

6 products