The Essential Serums Collection


      The Essential Collection - A selection of Serums for every skin type / condition.  

      We have carefully chosen the finest blend of plant based ingredients, with intense hydrating properties to create our new Essential Serum Line.  

      Each Serum is infused with its own individual pure essential oil with select benefits for different skin types.

      Use individually or blend two or more Essential Serums to create a custom Serum for your skin type / condition.

       Create your own custom serum blend

      Its super simple & easy to create your own blend with our color coded system.  Start by identifying the color / colors that most accurately match your skin type / condition. 

      Match the colors to the Essential oil & add the serums to your cart.
      Then add the blending bottles to your cart

      Or choose from one of the sets -

      When you receive your Serums have fun creating your own custom blends.  Just mark each bottle with a permanent marker in the color coded area to remind you of your chosen blend.
      All bottles are recyclable & reusable.  Just wash, let dry & you're ready to create another blend.

      1 product

      1 product