Gifts under $70 Ultimate Oil and Gua Sha Set

Gifts under $70 Ultimate Oil and Gua Sha Set

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The Luxurious Golden Gua Sha and Ultimate Oil. The perfect gift set.

The gua sha is a tool used for facial massage designed to relieve muscle tension, help with lymphatic drainage & blood circulation.

It helps to break up fascia which is the connective tissue under the skin that can become tense, interfering with circulation.

Used regularly the gua sha can help release the daily build up of stress we hold in our faces, smoothing lines, improving skin health & vitality.  

After applying your favorite Ultimate Oil use gentle sweeping motions up & out towards the perimeter of your face. (Instruction card comes with each gua sha).

The gua sha has been used in ancient Chinese medicine (ACM) for centuries. Originally used on the body to treat heat stroke and originally made from, among other things, animal bone.

The Golden Gua Sha is made from stainless steel so it wont break like stone versions, plus it is non porous which makes it a cleaner, cooler and more a sustainable option.


As well as helping your skin absorb the Ultimate Oil your gua sha can -

✅ reduce puffiness

✅ improve fine lines

✅ reduce tension

✅ increase circulation

✅ improve skin health

✅ help lymphatic drainage

✅ reduce headaches

✅ brighten skin

✅ reduce acne

✅ create a more sculpted youthful appearance  

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